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Proper packaging of goods is an important factor during transportation and storage. Therefore, the use of stretch film is one of the best solutions for packaging your goods. In this article, we will learn about stretch film, its benefits and uses in packaging goods.

What is Stretch Film?

Stretch Film Manufacturer

Stretch Film, also known as Stretch Wrap, is a thin, elastic plastic film widely used in packaging goods to protect products from dirt, moisture and external agents. other. This plastic film allows the product to hold together securely, keeping it safe and protecting it during transportation and storage.

Features of Stretch Film – Stretch Film Manufacturer

The stretch film has high stretch ability, helping to wrap the product package firmly.
Good adhesion, prevents the product from slipping or falling during transportation.
Transparent stretch film, making it easy to see the product inside.
The membrane has light weight, good impact resistance.

Benefits of using stretch film – PackaingKH  Plastic stretch film manufacturers

Stretch film is a safe and effective packaging solution. Here are some key benefits of using Stretch Film:

  • Cargo protection: Stretch film helps protect your goods from external dust agents. With high adhesion, it keeps your goods safe and intact during transportation and storage.
  • Save on packaging costs: You don’t need to use too many layers of protection or tape to pack. Instead, you only need a layer of stretch film, your goods will be safe and protected from other external agents.
  • Reduced risk in transit: With high adhesion and flexibility, helps keep your goods stable and minimizes irregular movements during transit.
  • Safe and easy to use: PE stretch film ensures safety for users, does not affect health and the environment.

Application of Stretch Film

Use as pallet wrapping film:
Stretch film is used to pack products on pallets, helping to keep products and goods on pallets, ensuring safety during transportation and storage.
Use as food wrap:
Food wrapping film is made from high-safety, non-toxic PE plastic so that it can protect the outside of dishes in the food processing industry, in addition, it is also used in the family to wrap leftovers. Excess, stored in the refrigerator to avoid causing rancidity and odor.
Packing industrial products:
In the manufacturing industries, PE film helps to preserve and pack products in the factory, and at the same time packed on pallets to facilitate the movement.
Use in agriculture:
In agriculture, PE film is also used to cover crops, helping to protect them from the effects of weather and from pests.

PackagingKH – Plastic stretch film manufacturers

With more than 10 years of experience in the market in the field of manufacturing and distributing plastic film products nationwide. PackagingKH is committed to bringing customers the best products.

What do you get when choosing PackagingKH?

  • Owning a team of skilled and responsible employees along with modern equipment and infrastructure for many years.
  • Products at PackagingKH are based on modern technology lines, operating machinery is constantly improved to bring customers quality products with the best price.
  • PackagingKH accepts production in large quantities, ensuring to meet all requirements of customers.
  • We always ensure that all input materials have clear origins, are thoroughly tested and inspected before delivery.

At PackagingKH, we always put customer satisfaction and feelings first. Please contact us immediately for advice, support quickly and completely free!
Hotline: +855 885 629 253 (Mr. Charles)
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