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Garbage bags also known as trash bags, or bin liners, are household and industrial staples used for waste collection and treatment. Garbage bags are manufactured from many different materials, have many different sizes and thicknesses and colors depending on the requirements and purposes of customers.

Trash bag features:

Garbage bag is a common everyday bag commonly used to store different types of waste in order to keep the environment clean and hygienic. Here are some common characteristics of garbage bags manufactured at a leading garbage bag factory in Cambodia:

  • Material: Trash bags at PackagingKH factory can be made from many different plastic materials such as: HDPE, LDPE or other environmentally friendly biodegradable plastics. These materials still ensure the ability to be strong, durable and able to withstand the weight of the waste inside.
  • Size and style: Trash bags manufactured in PackagingKH factory come in different sizes and capacities for household and industrial use. Bags have popular designs such as: T-shirt garbage bags, trash bags on roll, flat mouth industrial trash bags, …
  • Color: Trash bags can be produced in various colors. However, most customers often choose black because it can help hide sensitive content inside the bag. In addition, on the surface of the bag, symbols or annotations can be printed to guide the correct use.
  • Tear-resistant and leak-proof: The trash bags at PackagingKH are quality tested many times before delivery to ensure high strength, difficult to tear, prevent leakage and waterproof.
  • Eco-friendly: Some types of trash bags are made from recycled or biodegradable materials, helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

The most common types of garbage bags today are:

Industrial garbage bags

Industrial garbage bags are loose black plastic bags of different sizes, specialized for storing and collecting large amounts of waste in residential areas, urban areas, schools and hospitals. Industrial trash bags are indispensable items in places where large trash cans are located such as: public places, buildings, shops, …

Industrial waste bags come in a variety of common sizes for all types of trash on the market from 20 gallons to larger than 50 gallons. In addition to these available sizes, custom-made garbage bags are also available.

Using industrial garbage bags not only saves time on waste collection, but also a way to join hands to build and protect the environment.

Garbage bags roll

Garbage bags roll are the most commonly used products today. The bag is durable, tough, and has good bearing capacity. There is a ribbed line between the garbage bags to tear each one apart, the operation is easy and quick. The bottom of the bag is firmly welded and pressed very tightly, preventing water leakage as well as dirt when moving.

Garbage bags roll size: from 1.2 gallon to 20 gallon

black garbage bags

Image: Garbage bags roll

Biohazard bags

Biohazard bags are bags designed specifically for hospitals, clinics and medical facilities. Bags are manufactured according to the standards of the health ministries in countries to ensure the best quality, serve the needs of use and do not affect the health of people, especially garbage collectors.

Biohazard bags not only ensure durability, flexibility, good bearing capacity, but also a variety of colors for easy sorting during use, ensuring garbage is collected and transported safely to the place of treatment.

Biohazard bags are often manufactured in specific colors to distinguish hazardous waste from normal waste. These colors are subject to national regulations but are usually: yellow, blue and red.

infectious waste bags

Image: Biohazard bags

Biodegradable garbage bags

Biodegradable garbage bags have the ability to biodegrade in the natural environment, soil and water. Composed of plastic particles and easily degradable additives, or bio-plastics derived from plants such as cornstarch or tapioca starch, which shorten the decomposition time of the bag, minimizing the impact factors to the environment.

Bags have many different shapes and sizes, depending on the requirements of the user, choosing the right style. The bag is degradable in the natural environment, so it is extremely environmentally friendly, recommended by countries.


Biodegradable poly mailer bags 2

Image: Biodegradable garbage bags

PackagingKH – The company manufactures and supplies all kinds of garbage bags.

PackagingKH (KUN Plastic Bags) is a reputable and reliable manufacturer in the field of producing garbage bags in Cambodia. We offer our customers a wide range of trash bag products, meeting all the usage requirements of customers.

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Why should you choose to buy garbage bags at PackagingKH?

  • With more than 12 years of experience in the field of manufacturing garbage bags, we have a team of experienced workers and a deep understanding of the technical requirements. Committed to bringing the best products to customers.
  • Completely free design support according to customer requirements, our products are all printed by automatic gravure axis, providing the sharpest print quality.
  • A team of professional consultants, dedicated, ready to support all needs of customers.
  • The production and printing process is closed, all stages are performed directly without intermediaries, so we can ensure the most competitive prices in the market. The price also depends on the quantity of the order, more or less, if you buy in large quantities, you will receive many attractive incentives.

If you have a need to buy trash bags, please contact us immediately for advice and support.

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