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Kun Production Trading Export Co., LTD – The leading professional and prestigious manufacturer of packaging products in Cambodia. The company was officially established in 2011, after a period of operation, the company not only built a domestic production network but also brought its name to foreign markets. The rate of production capacity development has continuously increased over the years.

During many years of operation, Kun has always been proud to be a prestigious unit and become a strategic partner of many domestic and international customers in the field of plastic packaging production. With modern equipment and experienced staff, Kun always ensures its products are of high quality and gives customers the best products. Up to now, the company has hundreds of workers and a factory system with modern production lines, meeting international quality standards.


With a team of carefully selected and professional staff, Kun is committed to taking the working process seriously, while focusing on building solid trust with customers. With the vision to become one of a leading company in the plastic packaging industry, the Company always puts customers first and focuses on product’s quality and efficient service. Meeting our quality and price standards means having a dedicated Technical Team which works closely with our Production Team.


Kun specializes in producing, printing and doing import-export business of all kinds of packaging, plastic, plastic film, etc. The quality of our products is assurance by processing Primary Plastic Beads with modern production lines, each product has outstanding toughness and decent tensile properties, absolutely safe for users and eco-friendly. 

Plastic packaging product lines at Kun Production Trading Export Co., LTD:

  • PP, OPP bags: PP die cut, gift bags, fruit bags, food bags,…PE bags: Bio-plastic bags, garbage bags, supermarket/shopping bags, roll bags,…
  • Non-woven bags: Supermarket/shopping bags, gift bags, nursery bags,…
  • Paper bags: cake bags, gift bags, supermarket bags,…
  • Plastic tarpaulin: pond tarpaulin, construction tarpaulin, agricultural product drying tarpaulin, …

At Kun Production Trading Export Co., Ltd, we believe that each product representatives for expressing the existence and development of the business. 

Therefore, the packaging must be designed in accordance with the core values of the product to enhance the reputation of the business.

Service and responsibility is at the heart of what we do. We’re always pushing our products, services and processes to the next level to meet all customer requirements.

“You only have to do a few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong.”

– Warren Buffett

What we do for you

PackagingKH will provide you with the right packaging for your needs with high product quality and the most reasonable price.

Kun Production Trading Export Company Limited

Office Address: National Road Number 73, Srorlob Commune, Tbong Khmum District, Tboung Khmum Province, Cambodia.

Hotline: +855.885.629.253 (Mr. Charles)

                                             +855.885.752.139 (Ms. Crystal)

Email: [email protected]



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